When the day comes where your other half decided to propose to you, will you be ready?

For the countless women in this position, getting engaged is one of the happiest days of their lives. From finding your man to beginning a plan for your future together, an engagement is exciting.

That said will you end up receiving the engagement ring you wanted?

Some women will be so happy to receive a proposal that even a ring not being quite what they wanted will suffice. Others, meantime, will only be happy if the ring they’ve longed for ends up on their finger.

With that in mind, how will you go about getting the engagement ring you desire?

Keep those hints coming

To increase your chances of receiving the ring you so desire, remember a few pointers:

  1. Have a broad selection

Although you can’t look at every engagement ring, do your best to have a broad selection with which to select from.

Whether you have your eye on Aquamarine rings or some other styles be an educated ring shopper. Yes, it is your partner who buys the ring. That said make sure to drop him hints about which one captures your heart.

Part of the hint dropping can of course turn into shopping together for the ring in the first place. Although some guys may want the ring they choose to be a surprise, many others want it to be the perfect selection.

With that being the case, shopping together is of course fine.

  1. Put the Internet to work

Part of your shopping together for the perfect engagement ring can be on the Internet.

Given how the web exploded in online shopping over the last decade, it is no surprise many couples go there. Even if they do not end up purchasing a ring on the Internet, they become more educated about selections. In doing so, they walk into a local jewelry shop and feel more confident about a pending decision they will make.

Be sure to also use social media as part of your Internet process.

Sites like Pinterest and Instagram prove great online vehicles for engagement ring shopping. Time with your partner looking online for rings will lead to healthy discussions.

  1. Be willing to compromise

Although getting a ring and engaged is one of the biggest days in any woman’s life, keep things in perspective.

Depending on your partner’s financial means, he may or may not be able to land you the ring you’ve always desired. Instead of turning such an episode into friction, remember the positives.

To start, discuss how much you think one should spend on an engagement ring in the first place. This will oftentimes avoid any friction between the two parties.

Second, consider the fact that for most women, their wedding ring will matter the most. As such, spending more money on that jewelry may be more important to both of you. That’s not to say the engagement ring isn’t important. Always sit down and discuss such matters.

Given your engagement ring is more than an accessory, take the time with your man to find the ring most desired.

And if it means coming to a compromise, well isn’t that what relationships are all about?


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