A dog is covered in fur, and this makes people feel like they do not require any protection from the weather. In reality, however, this is a mistaken assumption. Dogs have coats that match their natural environment. For instance, the Siberian husky has a very thick coat made for them to withstand the cold, harsh climate of Siberia. As a result, they do not need a coat during the winter. But a Chihuahua, for instance, is a Mexican dog and should you have one of those in a country like Denmark, then they will need dog coats to protect them from the weather they are not made for.

Dog coats now come in a variety of designs and sizes, matching any type of dog breed. A lot of people are also taking in abused dogs, who often have many bald spots due to stress. In these cases, a dog coat is very important to help them recover, at least until the fur grows back.

How to Choose a Dog Coat

There are two reasons why people choose dog coats for their animals:

  1. Because the animal needs protection from the rain and cold.
  2. Because these coats look fantastic.

Those two things have to go hand in hand. The most important thing to remember is that a dog coat is designed to protect your dog from the elements. Hence, no matter how fashionable you may feel it looks, you should never put a coat on a long-haired dog in the middle of summer. However, if you use a coat at appropriate times, there should be nothing stopping you from making it a fashionable coat as well.

The Benefits of Wearing a Dog Coat

Dog coats offer a number of key benefits, including:

  • If your dog sheds a lot of fur, there will be less dander and hair left on your furniture, clothing, bedding, carpets, and flooring.
  • Your dog will not leave as many fleas and ticks in the house, and they will also bring less stickers and other types of dirt in with them. This is particularly true for long-haired breeds.
  • It protects your dog from exposure to pests, keeping them clean. This includes fleas and ticks, but also plants, stickers, and burrs.
  • Your dog will be more comfortable because it will get bitten less by insects.
  • Your dog’s fur won’t rag as much as a result of snow and mud.
  • It may reduce the chance of your dog developing skin cancer.

Tips to Help You Purchase a Dog Coat

As stated, the main reason to outfit your dog with a coat is to protect them from the environment. You can only do that if the coat is comfortable and made from high quality materials. Hence, you should:

  • Measure your dog’s size from the base of the tail to the base of the neck to determine their size.
  • Measure your dog’s chest across the broadest part.
  • Measure the circumference of your dog’s neck.

Put together, you should be able to pick the perfect coat for your pampered pooch.

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