According to Tom Colton, more and more people are interested in what is known as a “spiritual ceremony”. What this means is that people who love each other can marry each other, regardless of what their gender is. Specifically, it is about recognizing that what is sacred is not the union between a man and a woman, but rather love. A spiritual ceremony allows two people who love each other to express that with their own music, vows, and words.

Tom Colton on What Happens During a Spiritual Wedding

Spiritual ceremonies are non-denominational. This means it does not have to follow the religious elements of a certain religion, unless both parties ask for those elements to be included. Spiritualism itself is a recognized religion, but it sets itself apart by not following a singular god in the way that other religions do. That being said, there are two elements that do have to be followed in order for the ceremony to be classified as a legal marriage:

  1. There must be no lawful impediment for the marriage to take place. Both parties must be of age, therefore, have the mental capacity to agree to a wedding, and must not already be married to someone else.
  2. Both parties have to agree to get married. This is usually done through the “I do” vows.

Exactly how these two elements are met is entirely down to the two individuals within the ceremony. It places them and their love central to the ceremony as a whole and that is what most people believe it should be about. The ceremony will be completely unique, therefore, and tailored exactly to the needs of both the parties.

As part of a true spiritual ceremony, it is possible for a couple to request their spiritual ancestors to be present as well. They do this in a variety of ways, such as recognizing that certain loved ones have passed over to the spirit world and would have loved to have been there if they could. This is an element that is completely unique to the spiritualist movement, which is the only one that connects those on this plane to those on the spirit plane. However, again, this is only done if both parties agree that this should be included. Usually, remembrance is given by having pictures present of the loved ones and lighting candles around those.

According to Tom Colton, the spiritual ceremony is essentially an open book. It is a blank page that people can fill themselves with all the things they want and that mean things to them. Some, for instance, now include a sand ceremony as well as a unity candle, combining different other spiritual beliefs that are personal to the individuals. The sand ceremony means that a vase is filled with a unique sand print by the two parties in the wedding, which they can then take home. A rose ceremony is also popular, in which the parties give each other a rose as a very first gift when married.


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