It isn’t uncommon to have an especially stressful day but what is not common is finding a place where you can simply unwind and let go of everything that brought you to the need for release. It could be a peer at work, a boss, a client or even a rebellious child who refused to get ready for school on time, caused trouble in first period and ended up with detention for a week. Not only do you need to deal with the stress of an ill-behaved son or daughter, but now you need to alter your plans for the next week because there are no school buses after detention.

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This means you’ll either need to leave work early or find someone available to pick them up at school. Stress upon stress is all you need right now, and that migraine headache is going beyond tolerable levels. So, how can you find that quiet place to let all cares slip away? Here are a few suggestions which just might come in handy the next time you had a day from hell.

First – Lose the Electronics!

Before you set out to find a place to unwind, the one thing you will need to do is lose the electronics. Turn your cell phone off, make sure that you keep your home computer or laptop off and simply forget for just a short time that there is a world out there. Once you have done whatever you can to ensure you won’t be disturbed, it’s time for the next step.

Find a Quiet Corner in Your Home

Some people find that there is one spot in their home where they are least likely to be disturbed. It could be the master bathroom or even an attic or the garage. Do you have a garden out back which you enjoy? Finding that quiet spot where you can have a few treasured moments to yourself is just as important as turning off the electronics. You want nothing from the stressful outside world to interfere with your quiet time.

Setting the Mood

Are you bothered by harsh, bright lights when you are in stress mode? If so, it is suggested that you find a good source of scented soy candles which offer the soft glow of ambient light but also give a hint of fragrance that seems to melt your cares away. Whether it is the soft sounds of nature or the gentle scents of your candle, you can set the stage for getting in a calm and relaxed state of mind.

One thing you will want to focus on is relaxing the muscles in your body. Although you feel the stress and tension in your mind, your body will be tense and stressed as well. Make a concerted effort to relax every muscle in your body so that you can enjoy the calm solitude you have built for yourself. No, you don’t need to meditate or do yoga stretches although they can help, but you do need to work on letting go of physical as well as mental and emotional tension. Only then can you truly relax and let the stresses of the day slip away.

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