There’s nothing quite as nice as sipping on a tasty cocktail! However, with so many cocktails to choose from it can often be a bit overwhelming and difficult to know what to order. So, keep on reading to find out everything you need to know…


Some of the most famous cocktails:

Kir Royale – This champagne cocktail is ideal for those seeking something luxurious. It consists of chilled champagne and crème de cassis. You can always throw in a cherry or blackberry for a bit of extra flavour.

Mojito – This popular cocktail is made from white rum, white sugar, mint leaves, lime cut into wedges, club soda, crushed ice and sweet and sour mix.

Caipirinha – This cocktail is made of brown sugar, lime cut into wedges, lime cordial, Cachaça, lemon or lime juice and crushed ice. It’s really refreshing.

Cosmopolitan – If you see yourself as the next Carrie Bradshaw your drink of choice must be a Cosmopolitan. This drink is made from citron vodka, cranberry juice, orange liqueur, lime cordial and crushed ice. It is usually garnished with a lime peel.

Bellini – This is another delicious champagne cocktail. It is two-thirds chilled champagne and one-third peach puree.

Margarita – The list would not be complete without one of the most popular cocktails around the world, Margarita. This drink is made of tequila, simple syrup, orange liqueur and the juice of a lime or lemon. It is served with crushed ice. A lot of people like having salt around the rim of the glass.


Some of the best places to enjoy signature cocktails in Hong Kong:

Stockton BarThere are many unique cocktails to try at Stockton on Wyndham Street. Here are some of the most popular options…

  • Ribston AppleSpiced Rum, Amaretto, Apple Cider, Honey, Cinnamon

  • Brass MonkeyHM King, Compressed Citrus, Maca, Lucuma, Vanilla Gum and Chuncho bitters

  • Dark & Stormy Spiced Gosling Black Seal, Falen Rum, Aperol, lime juice, ginger beer and Angostura bitters.



This is a hidden Mexican restaurant on d’ Aguilar Street, which can only mean one thing, tequila! Here are some of the cocktails on the menu, starting with the Margarita of course…

  • Brickhouse Margarita – Blanco, Damiana, Pineapple Juice, Agave Nectar, Lime and Himalayan Salt Rim

  • Spaceman – Jack Daniels, Southern Comfort, Lime and Cream Soda

  • Cubano – Tobacco Infused Reposado, Mezcal, Vanilla Brandy, Lemon, Grilled Pineapple and Volcanic Salt Rim


Blue Butcher

This New York style restaurant and bar located on Hollywood Road not only has a reputation for tasty steak, but unique cocktails too. Here are a few of the top picks from the menu…

  • Horse’s Head – Horseradish Infused Gin, Macha Powder, Compressed Citrus, Gomme Syrup and Egg White

  • Pork Chop and Apple Sauce – Bacon Washed Blended Scotch, Housemade Sour mix, Apple Schnapps and Fresh Apple Jam

  • Fig and Cheese – Black Label Scotch, Cointreau, Homemade Blue Fig Syrup, Compressed Citrus, Wormwood Bitters and Blue Cheese Foam

Now you know all about the best cocktails in Hong Kong, which one will you be trying first?


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