If you have a pending wedding, will you pull it off without a lot of nerves and pressure?
For the countless couples who wed, having a wedding without any stress or pressure can prove to be a rare thing.

Among some of the pre-wedding plans that most couples must work their way through:

  • When and where to have the wedding – After the engagement, it can be hard to decide on a quick wedding or waiting. You also have to pick a wedding venue that meets your needs and wants.
  • How much to spend on the wedding – Depending on one’s finances, a less expensive wedding may be the order of the day. Because a couple chooses or needs to spend less on their wedding does not mean it will not be a fantastic one at that. As an example, how much will go towards moissanite wedding rings or other brands? Make sure you come away with an affordable wedding and not one leaving you in major debt.
  • Which individuals to invite – Determining those to invite can be a tough decision to make. Often, couples will have to trim the original lists to meet their finances.

Where to Honeymoon?
Once your special wedding day is over, your honeymoon becomes the topic.
That said choosing where to go on the honeymoon can present couples with a few challenges too.
Among the questions to look at:

  • How much to spend? – In most cases, the topic of how much to spend on a honeymoon will garner the most attention. Much like your wedding plans, you do not want the honeymoon getting the best of your finances. As special as this trip is, do it so you do not come home with sizable credit card debt in tow.
  • When to go? – Although most will take their honeymoon right after their wedding, others will wait. As an example, one or both of you have work commitments or other needs that will prevent you from taking a trip. By planning your honeymoon for later down the road, you also have a trip to look forward to.

Settling Into Married Life

Once you’ve gotten back from your honeymoon, settling into married life becomes the next big test.

Although you may have lived together, having it official can be different.

Like when you shopped for a ring, went through the plans, and even picked a honeymoon spot, compromise is key.
As you both move forward, keep these thoughts in mind:

  1. Compromise – Being able to compromise is always going to be the most important thing the two of you can do. That said never let an argument come between the two of you.
  2. Children – If the thought of children is there, make sure you have a child only when it finances say so. By being in the right financial position to have children, they and you will be all the better for it.
  3. Money – Often, money can be the biggest hindrance to a successful marriage. You may feel that having a joint checking account and separate savings accounts is best. That way, the bills get paid by both of you, yet you each have money on the side to spend for things you want.

From choosing rings to settling into your new home, planning each step can make for happier days.


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