Tons of makeup trends pop up every day, often inspired by celebrities and sparked by popular makeup brands. Some are suggested by online blog video tutorials.

Eyeliners are just a part of a person’s whole beauty regimen, yet there are so many ways to doll up your gaze with them, from classic wing eyes to the smudged smoky look. While not everything may suit just about anyone because of individual differences, don’t fret! Read on below to find out the best eyeliner look for your totally unique eye shape.

  1. Almond eyes

You know you have the almond eye shape when the iris partly disappears behind the eyelids when you look straight ahead. Almond-shaped eyes can look good in just about any eyeliner makeup style, even with a clean and simple look that follows the eye’s natural shape. If you want to spice up things, try a barely-there winged look with a subtle upward flick or go crazy with new trendy eyeliner colors such as gold and olive.

  1. Big eyes

People with this shape have eyes that are generally bigger than the rest of their facial features. Although it may look disproportionate, big eyes are actually a fun playground for bolder eyeliner looks such as cat eyes. Don’t overemphasize their commanding presence on your face though. You wouldn’t want your lusciously red kissable lips to go by unnoticed, right?

  1. Small eyes

On the opposite side of the spectrum are eyes proportionally smaller than the rest of your facial features. These eyes need a bit of effort to shine with the rest of the face. Make them look bigger by outlining your eyes with liners in white or nude along the waterlines. Avoid putting too much eyeliner on the bottom waterline and sport a thin line on the top lashes instead. If you’re daring and dedicated enough to truly make your eyes shine, try the white inner corners eyeliner look.

  1. Round eyes

More commonly known as the ‘doe-eyed’ look, round eyes are sought-after for their innocent and expressive qualities. The best way to tell if you have a round pair of eyes is the visibility of eye whites both above and below the iris when looking forward. When it comes to eyeliners, go for anything that elongates your eyes such as the winged look or some cool variations of cat eyes to give contrast to the roundness.

  1. Monolid eyes

Monolids are characterized by creaseless and barely-defined eyelids and not-so-prominent brow bones. If you find yourself rocking this look, try applying thinner strokes with precision eyeliner on your top inner eye corners and gradually thicken the line before finishing it off with a winged edge or a cat eye. Monolid eyes also look great when added with a bold accent color at the outer corners.

  1. Deep-set eyes

Deep set eyes can be described as having more prominent brow bones, therefore giving an illusion of lesser space between the brows and the upper lashes. To draw the eyes out, ditch thick upper lash line strokes and focus more on your lower lash lines such as the thick underline look or gold eyeliners to add brightness. Smoky eyes? Sorry, it’s a big no. They’ll only make your eyes more sunken than they already are.

When it comes to eyeliner looks, there is no one-size-fits-all style. It is always important to consider one’s own features before jumping on the latest fad, so you can look the best that you can ever be.

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