There is no more terrible feeling than going to purchase something you really want and finding out that you were scammed. In addition to the lost money, you also feel violated and humiliated. When it comes to art which is something that inspires passion, the feeling is even worse when you are scammed. And because much of this happens online today, we must be careful when making internet purchases.

Here is how you can buy art and things over the Internet without being scammed.

When Purchasing Art

What is an expression of creativity that when viewed causes emotional and sometimes physical stimulation. Art is an important part of our lives and one of the things that makes life worth living. The popularity of Art has stayed consistently high throughout the ages. People love having art around them and they love the feelings it inspires. All types of art is purchased by art lovers of all ages and incomes. If you are art lover and like to purchase art for your home or business, you really need to be cautious about where you make your purchases.


Unfortunately art is often easily reproduce than forged. This includes contemporary art as well as artifacts and Antiquities. In fact it is just as likely that an art lover is about to purchase a forgery of an Egyptian artifact, as the real one. Mini art collectors are not aware of how to avoid buying forgeries and being scammed. But the approach you should take is quite simple.


You should only purchase your art and antiquities from reputable sources. Expensive and high demand art is only sold through reputable and license art dealers like Sadigh Gallery, or a reputable options put on by companies like Sotheby’s or Christie’s. These companies are licensed and insured for the artwork and make sure that any purchases you make are for the genuine article.


If you happen upon someone calling himself an art or antiquities dealer and he is selling artwork out of his car or home or online you should be very reluctant to move forward with this person. In fact chances are that you are about to get scammed. Whoever you meet should offer you their license as well as a detailed history of the piece of art that you were looking to purchase. In the case of Egyptian artifacts, they must each have a clear chain of ownership that is complete and that leads directly to the hands of the person selling it.


If the person you are talking with cannot produce this paperwork, chances are you are not purchasing an authentic article. So be cautious because it is likely that you will lose your money.


When Buying Something Online

The internet is one of the most wonderful to be introduced over the last century. It is brought the world together, giving us all access to information on the widest range of topics, and allowed us to purchase things from our living room that preview travel great distances to buy. There’s no doubt that the internet is a tool that most of us could never live without.


However a downside to the internet is that scammers can set an authentic-looking website and begin charging people money for things that they will never receive. Because of this, you must be very cautious about purchasing things online. When you send your credit card you leave yourself vulnerable to scammers in a variety of ways.


One vulnerability is that you will not get what you purchased, another is that the site might steal your identity and your credit card number and begin using your name to make illegal purchases. To avoid this from happening, you should only order from reputable websites and if there’s a question, you should look for reviews from others who have purchased products or services successfully from that website.


When you search for reviews be sure to check several different sites and read several dozen reviews to make sure that you have an accurate picture of what other customers think about the website and the company. Taking this approach can avoid you from being taken advantage of.


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