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admin's picture  (, a leading independent online retailer for chemical peels and anti-aging skincare products, has announced today the company’s 18Actives Dynamic Eye Pack available for product review.

What you will be reviewing:

EYE ESSENCE Treats, prevents, diminishes, refreshes and energizes the eye area. Produces a cooling, soothing sensation to ease irritation. Eye essence is a full circle product to keep your eyes looking young and fresh during the day and lets you wake up with brighter, non-puffy appearance.


FAUX FILLER PROVIDES a new alternative that is safe, effective, natural, and cost effective. Traditional injectables like Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen need to be re-injected as frequently as every 8 months with a hefty price tag per “refill”. Faux Filler can be used independently or in conjunction with these facial fillers to prolong their effects.


To qualify, simply:

1. Write a post about your upcoming review of 18Actives Dynamic Eye Pack including a link (

2.     Email the link and shipping information to


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Looking forward to trying this!

Thanks for the opportunity! I posted a blog and sent an email!