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SheBlogs.org is a Web service that connects women bloggers, including mom bloggers, product reviewers, fashionistas, techies and others, with the public relations and marketing professionals who issue the news and promote the products that women care about most.

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According to a June, 2009 study by Nielsen, more than 36 million moms log on to the Web every month – or roughly 19% of US Web users. Of these women More than half are logging on each month to blog, read their favorites blogs, and interact with fellow moms via services like social networks 48% are using the Web as a tool to read reviews and research products – and say that their purchasing decisions are influenced by what they read online

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The SheBlogs.org community already includes more than 5500 registered female bloggers, who reach more than 43 million unique visitors each month. More importantly, our members are passionate, creative and diverse, and looking to connect with marketing pros and receive news, contest and giveaway opportunities, sales and promotional codes, and other great company news that they can share with their readers!


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