If you are a ‘big’ man, and not in the Arnie sense (or any other sense – it’s really just a euphemism for being a bit on the fat side), then you may be feeling that you could be doing more to make the best of yourself appearance wise. Whether you want to attract a partner, feel more active for playing with your kids, or just like what you see in the mirror, there are loads of ways getting fitter can make your life better, and it isn’t really that hard when you get started if you follow a fitness regime you enjoy and watch what you eat a little better.


Photo by Alan Cleaver

Set Some Goals

Losing weight is something many people do successfully every year, but that doesn’t mean it is trivial. You are probably aware that you need to eat a sensible number of calories every day and do more exercise, but just starting off with that intention is not really ideal. Ditch the vague mentality of ‘being healthier’ and set some clear goals. These should include both short and long term goals, for example, say you want to work out for one hour five times this week, rather than just ‘get more exercise’, and for longer term goals think in terms of a target weight or shirt size by a certain point in time, or go for something performance related like being able to run a certain distance or lift a certain weight. If you set your goals realistically based on achievable things, such as losing 2 pounds a week, then you should find it easier to head toward your new, better body in a way that is focused and motivated.

Look Better Now!

As well as making movement toward the goal of having a fitter, healthier and more attractive body, you can also get a little extra motivation by doing a few things that will make you look better instantly. For larger men, dressing well is crucial, and flattering clothing such as well made suits can make you look instantly leaner and better proportioned. Buy clothes tailored for your current body shape, rather than the one you will have in a few months when your hard work has paid off, and you will already begin hearing some compliments. Look out for brands, designers and retailers specialising in big and tall menswear to find clothes that fit better and hide those problem areas while you work on getting them into better shape! Your haircut and facial hair can also make a difference. Beards are very fashionable at the moment, and the right style of beard can slim the face visually. Talk to your barber or hair stylist to find a haircut and facial hair style that works with your bone structure to get an instantly better, slimmer look.

It is still early in 2015 and there is still plenty of time to make this the year you reach your fitness goals, and look the best you can!

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