John Kang MC, who carries out general surgery as a Surgical Oncologist, is a fabulous doctor who runs a very ethical and successful practice. An oncologist is a doctor who specializes in cancer treatment. This is how his day will unfold. John Kang Liquidmetal will begin his day anytime from seven to nine am when he arrives at the office. Just like most workers the first job will be to check emails letting him know what the day has in store for him. He will then check in with his staff to discuss the day’s appointments, research products and any other issues he needs to be aware of. Sometimes staff meetings will also take place early in the morning so that patients and appointments can fill up his afternoon.


Once all of this morning activity is completed John Kang WebMD will do his rounds and check on his patients. He will speak to his patients and family members as appropriate and will check the vitals for his patients. He will be aware of any problems or issues relating to his patients and will act accordingly which also involves talking to his patients about issues and options. After a couple of hours of rounds the doctor will make their way to begin future patient appointments, to discuss with them their prognosis and procedures that may be required. Alongside all of this busy and extremely important work there will be lab work and charts to review. Call backs to patients and outpatients who may need some advice or support. Then there will be the usual paperwork, prescriptions to sign and so on.


Depending on how many patients have appointments for the day, John Jang, the oncologist may begin seeing patients. Additionally, the oncologist will have to make time to review lab work and charts. Sometimes call backs to patients, specialists or other doctors are necessary, and the office staff may perform this task or the oncologist may make the call-backs. Throughout the afternoon, the oncologist may sign forms, write prescriptions and conduct other necessary paperwork.

By evening John Kang will be finishing up his appointments but may have to see certain patients depending on their current circumstances especially if there are any seriously ill patients or medical complications. John Kang WebMD’s day will end about six or seven PM on average but obviously will always be on hand if any of his patients need him.


As you can see the job that John Kang does is very busy and obviously very important, a true vocation. John Kang WebMD is a very successful and caring professional who has touched the hearts and saved the lives of many patients. He will always spent time with you and talk you through things with patience and understanding and he will encourage you to ask any questions. He will also make himself available and approachable if your family have any questions about processes, procedure or prognosis. He will make everyone feel at ease so that he can get on with the necessary surgery to help all.



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