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Ever get the feeling that your guy is cheating on you? For many of us, the thought never even crosses our minds, but if it does we can obsess about it. Why would he do this? Who with? What have I done to deserve this treatment? The questions are endless.

But, for the most part, the biggest question is of proof. How will you ever know for sure that your husband is cheating on you? What methods can you use without letting him know that you’re onto him?

Well, we’re here to answer a few of these questions for you. Here are five ways that you can know for sure whether your significant other has a bit on the side.

Check the phones

If you share any phones, it can be really easy and harmless to have a quick look at the caller history. With the abundance of services that let you see exchanges in an area code, you don’t even have to do the hard work yourself.

This can be a great, low-risk way of establishing a secretive pattern of behaviour in your hubby. Because you could be reasonably expected to check the phone history, your partner shouldn’t suspect a thing.

Check his wallet

Like checking the phone, this can be done very simply. When he’s out of the room, just pretend that it fell off the table, and have a peek inside. Any receipts that shouldn’t be there? Any suspicious looking expenses or large amounts of cash? Maybe even a phone number written on a bar napkin? This is your evidence.

But be careful not to get mad straight away. Little things like this can be easily explained by the right guy, but if these clues lead you to an even bigger one, then you’ve got him for sure.

Ask your friends

If you trust your friends not to gossip, then you should definitely talk to them about your concerns. Being in a relationship can sometimes be tough, and going on a one-woman crusade to find your man’s secret lover can sometimes be a bit of a mad idea.

To make sure that you’re not imagining everything, confide in a friend you can trust and ask for their advice. You never know, they might have been through something similar.

Monitor their behaviour

Even the most unscrupulous partner is bound to feel a bit bad about cheating on you. Does he seem a bit distant? A bit more vague and less attentive? Think about the things that you normally do together, like going to the movies. Has he lost all interest in those activities, or has he just lost interest in doing them with you? Be careful what you ask here, as this can often give it away that you know something is going on.

Who could it be?

Think about who their new partner could be. Often it will be someone you personally know. Which of your friends is he close with? Has he mentioned a colleague that he gets on particularly well with? Clues like these are likely to lead you to the prime suspect.

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