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How to Maintain Your Beard in Under 3 Minutes

Even though having a bit of facial hair is today’s most sought after, and in vogue fashion accessory, some maintenance is still required in order for it to look good. From bushy beards and long sideburns to designer stubble and handlebar moustaches, there are various different options men can pursue.

Achieving these styles is another challenge altogether and often easier said than done. Even so, it is still possible to maintain your beard in less than three minutes if you adhere to the following tips and tricks;

Have the right products and equipment ready

Regardless of your style of facial hair, some cosmetic products and shaving equipment will usually be required. So before you start tackling that unkempt and untidy mess, make sure you have everything you could possibly need.

For trimming and shaping, consider buying something like a Phillips shaver, as you don’t want to skimp on quality when it comes to your manliness. However, if you need to style your moustache or flatten out the fluffiness, think about purchasing some wax or oil.

Start with the neck and work your way up


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Nobody finds a hairy neck attractive, so start with this area first. For a smooth finish, nothing comes close to a traditional razor. However, this can take some time and you’ll end up with a fair few nicks if you rush it.

Seeing as we are up against the clock here, use a top-quality and efficient trimmer or rotary shaver instead. Start in the middle, go towards the ear and follow your jaw line’s natural curve. When it comes to the cheeks, work down or up your smile line.

Wash and clean your beard

One of the main reasons why men give up on growing a magnificent and impressive beard is because it starts to itch. But with a little bit of care and attention, this won’t be a problem.

Beard wash and conditioner will soften your whiskers and can help a beard mature over time. Try working out the curls with regular facial exfoliation and beard combing too.

Have a routine in place

By setting aside some time everyday for maintenance and grooming, you’ll not only end up with a great beard but also get more proficient with the process.

If you don’t have a manageable routine, you’ll look scruffy, shabby and shoddy. What’s more, you’ll be doing yourself and other facial haired men a disservice. Therefore, respect the beard and hold it in high esteem, it’s (one of) your greatest assets!

The prospect of maintaining your beard everyday might sound likely a lengthy and tedious chore. But as long as you have the right products and equipment, wash and clean regularly while sticking to a routine, you’ll become a glowing and gratified beard wearer.






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