Would you like to create a slideshow for your wedding day itself, possibly a nostalgic one with childhood photos of yourself and your partner and your life’s journey up to this point? Or maybe you would prefer to compile some of the photos and videos from your wedding into a nice slideshow that captures the beauty and emotion of that special day?

In either situation what you need is a way to be able to compile photos and videos into an attractive slideshow. To accomplish that you’ll need a wedding slideshow maker, and there is none that can get the job done quite as well as Movavi Slideshow Maker.

Not only does Movavi Slideshow Maker have numerous features that can help you to accentuate and polish your wedding slideshow, but it is very easy to use as well. In fact as soon as you launch the software you can choose to either create a slideshow with its ‘Easy mode’ or in the ‘Full feature mode’ instead.

If you choose to create a slideshow in ‘Easy mode’, Movavi Slideshow Maker will provide you with a wizard that will guide you through the entire process in three simple steps. First it will prompt you to add photos and adjust their order as well as the slide duration, then it will let you select animated transitions to place between your slides and set their duration too. Finally, it will allow you to add background music to accompany your wedding slideshow – either by adding an audio file of your own or by using one of the built-in tracks.

Simply put with the ‘Easy mode’ of Movavi Slideshow Maker you can quickly come up with and attractive slideshow that should cater to most needs. If you’d prefer to have more control however, you may want to use the ‘Full feature mode’ instead as it can do everything that the ‘Easy mode’ can – and then some.

Rest assured although the ‘Full feature mode’ is not as simple as the wizard in the ‘Easy mode’ it is still very intuitive. More importantly you’ll have greater control over your slideshow, and additional features such as the ability to include video clips in your slideshow, tools to edit the audio tracks, enhancement features for videos and images, and much more.

Regardless of which option you choose, when you are done you can save the wedding slideshow as a video by either selecting a format or using one of the handy presets in Movavi Slideshow Maker. That should be particularly useful if you’d like it displayed on your wedding day, or even to upload it onto social media or share it in other ways.

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