If gender selection New York were to be possible and readily available, would you choose to use it? The reality is that it is available but choosing a child’s gender before conception is something that has been a topic of hot ethical debate for a very long time. That being said, considering the wealth of information out there that helps people increase their chances of having a certain gender through natural means, it seems clear that some people simply have a preference for certain genders, for a range of different reasons.

Gender Selection New York – Yes or No?

A lot of prospective parents who use gender selection, be that noninvasive, natural methods of medical methods, do so because of their desire to have a balanced family. Every pregnant woman wonder whether she will have a boy or a girl. While some still choose not to find out, being able to know the gender of a child is now possible from very early stages in pregnancy. Again, this demonstrates that many people have preferences.

Research into natural and medical gender selection has been going on for decades. In the 1960s, a landmark paper was published by Dr. Landrum Shettles on gender preselection. Dr. Shettles, who died age 93, also developed in vitro fertilization, giving millions of women all over the world the chance to conceive.

Unfortunately, a lot of non-scientific work is also circulating in the world, particularly with everything being available online. People can develop online identities that appear very credible, such as suggesting they were midwives our Doulas for many years. In many cases, those credentials are made up, but few people take the chance to truly investigate them.

The reality is this: there is no way to 100% guarantee that someone will have a boy or a girl. There are medical ways in which it can be 100% determined whether a fertilized egg is a male or female, which means one gender can be discarded before implantation, but there is no way to guarantee gender at the point of fertilization, nor is there a guarantee that implantation will be successful. That said, medical gender selection is the most accurate method out there right now.

There are some very common myths in circulation that people who engage in natural gender selection still believe in. Some people wrongly believe that the following things have an impact on the gender of an unborn baby:

  • A woman’s ovulation cycle.
  • The nationality of either parent.
  • The age of either parent.
  • The gender of current children.

What impacts the gender of a baby is chromosomal and genetic in nature. There are certain truths out there, such as male sperm being faster swimmers but having shorter lives, which can impact a baby’s gender. But they offer no guarantees. Anyone who wants to have a guarantee in terms of the gender of their child will have to opt for in vitro fertilization methods.

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