In order for women to have a beautiful contour, they will undergo a range of different surgeries. The breast is one of the woman’s body’s  most important parts. Women find it difficult to feel feminine if they do not have nice breasts period this is why a Los Angeles plastic surgeon who specializes in breast reconstruction is always so popular. Naturally, breast reconstruction is something that is also offered to women who have had a mastectomy following breast cancer, in which case reconstructing the breasts is something that gives many women their identity back.


How a Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon who Specializes in Breast Reconstruction Can Help


Breast reconstruction is a form of plastic surgery that aims to rebuild the breast, returning it to its original shape.  Sometimes and nipple and areola are even added to this surgery.  This is particularly common in women who have lost their breast as a result of cancer period reconstruction is generally offered to women who have had a mastectomy full stop should they have had a lumpectomy, only part of the breast is likely to have been removed but reconstruction surgery is then still necessary.


Different types of breast reconstruction surgery exist. The first is the tissue expander. This is surgery that takes several stages to complete. A temporary device is inserted into the chest wall near the pectoralis major muscle.  This is a form of surgery that is most suitable to women whose breasts have been mainly preserved after the surgery.  in fact many women will have an implant inserted as part of their mastectomy which means they only have to have one surgery overall.


A second form of surgery is the flap reconstruction period here tissue that is taken from other parts of the body, including the abdomen, 5, buttocks, or back, is used to recreate a breast. In some cases donor tissue will remain connected to the original site because this ensures the blood flow is retained period in other cases it is completely removed and the surgeon will have to reconnect blood supply.


They are keeping a fit still having breast reconstruction period first of all it helps women feel more comfortable and enjoy the wedding look again. In essence it restores their confidence and allows them to regain their femininity. Secondly, it gives  it gives women and warm natural look and showing their breasts are symmetrical again. Additionally, women can once again wear form-fitting clothes, bikinis, bathing suits, and so on.


That being said, breast reconstruction also has limitations. Mainly, reconstructed breasts do not have the same sensations as natural breasts. Furthermore, there may be some visible incision lines, which some women may find difficult to cope with. Usually however, these incision lines will be hidden in parts of the body that aren’t as exposed. This includes the buttocks, the abdomen, and the back. A surgeon will explain all of this before any breast reconstruction surgery.

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