As the leaves continue to fall and a nip creeps into the air, it’s time to start preparing your home for the chilly days ahead. In addition to the usual checklist of practical tasks which are essential to surviving the colder months, now is a great time to freshen up your soft furnishings, invest in new looks for dated rooms, and transform your living space into a snug, inviting area with an irresistibly warm ambience. Not sure where to start? Read on to take advantage of the key interior trends this season and start turning your indoor environment into a winter wonderland.

All Things Natural

Nature-inspired fabrics and colours are a popular choice. Natural fabrics such as hessian, silk, leather or wool are all hot options for intriguing furnishings which will give plenty of comfort as well as great aesthetic appeal. Enhance couches, beds and armchairs with carefully selected cushions (which shouldn’t match – pick each one individually).

This engaging sheepskin pillow is versatile enough to work in the bedroom, lounge or study and its warmth and high snuggle factor make it ideal for cuddling up to on dark, cold nights.

British Patterns

From the welcome comeback of tartan and plaid to new, quirky takes on vintage floral patterns, British style is back and thriving. If Brits do one thing well, it’s coming up with designs which will cheer when the weather is poor.

So bring winter comfort to your home with a luxurious throw in a stunning tartan pattern, like this one.

Floral Designs Go Large

Flowers and leaves are always excellent motifs for winter décor, reminding us that spring will arrive soon. Contemporary floral prints are a bold statement on anything, from cushions to wallpaper. As darker mornings become a grim reality, lie-ins are a necessity, so doze in style cocooned in stylish bed linen such as this engaging set from House of Fraser. A bold, vibrant floral pattern gives it plenty of chic, contemporary appeal.

Don’t Forget the Animals

Carrying on the British trend, deer, owls, foxes and other UK wildlife are all engaging motifs which work well in any room of the house. This hauntingly attractive stag cushion cover is a great investment.

With so many fantastic design ideas around at the moment, there’s everything you need on hand to turn your home into a stylish winter retreat that will provide a warm, inviting sanctuary when the snow starts to fall. Just a few small touches can add a cosy, welcoming ambience to every room that will help chase the winter blues away.

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