With darker days and chilly weather approaching, it’s easy to lose the spring in your step and give in to the urge to hibernate until it’s all over. Well don’t! Blast away those winter blues by meeting the holiday season head-on with a wardrobe overhaul that not only is well-suited for the colder weather but makes you look fab and feel great as well!

Here are five reasons to give your winter wardrobe the makeover it deserves:

Fresh Start

If you haven’t thoroughly reviewed your winter collection for a few years, then it’s time to empty it onto the bedroom floor and make some clear decisions. It’s worth making some time to sort out all your current winter clothes to see what you really want to keep and what clothes are already past time to throw out. Charity shops will gratefully receive items that are in good condition, or you can take unwanted garments to clothes banks, so consider these options before heading straight for the recycling bin. This will also help you establish what your wardrobe is seriously lacking.

Out With The Old

If it’s been a while since you updated your winter clothes, the chances are that your outfits don’t look as great as they once did. Coats can fade, tops may look tired and trousers take on that worn-out look. Continuing to drag these out year after year can make you feel the same, so check out contemporary trends and add a splash of color to brighten up the cold winter days. Bold prints and bright colors are in, so choose confidently for a striking impact.

Out of Style?

Staying warm and dry doesn’t mean you have to be frumpy. There is a vast range of trendy winter boots and coats that are not only stylish but are warm and weather-proof as well. Swap those shapeless smocks and wellingtons for fashionable tailored coats and boots; faux fur trim and thermal linings mean those ‘old faithful’ hairy jumpers can be replaced by gorgeous flattering outfits with contemporary appeal.

No Longer Practical?

Let’s face it, shoes and boots will eventually need replacing and wearing an extra pair of socks won’t keep your feet dry for long. You’ll need versatile winter weather gear and apparel for that. Boots for walking, relaxing or going out on the town are available in every design and color so don’t let the winter stop you from having fun. Carrying your all-weather over-trousers with you all the time isn’t practical either, so check out the range of walking trousers available which combine practicality with trendy, more modern cuts.

Go For Glam!

Accessorize those outfits! Bring individuality to your style by teaming jumpers and dresses with bold, colorful bangles and chunky bead necklaces. Use winter as your inspiration for a night out or special occasion by complementing your outfits with sparkling silver or glinting gold necklaces and bracelets – perfect for Christmas or for adding a touch of glamour to the evenings.

Make this your season with a fresh new wardrobe so that you’ll feel warm and look hot, no matter how cold it is outside!

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