Ulthera  is one of the latest anti-aging treatments around. It is completely non-invasive as it uses ultrasound energy to lift and tighten the skin. It is used in particular on the neck, the brow, and chin. A number of studies have been conducted on the benefits of all Ulthera, and it is now accepted to be beneficial. So what is it?


What Is Ulthera?


Ulthera  Takes a gentle approach to rejuvenating procedures, making it incredibly comfortable. The highest standards are still maintained, because the treatment is still relatively new and needs to become better known. The procedure is painless and little to no discomfort is even noticed. What it does is encourage the development of collagen within the skin. For those who have particularly sensitive skin or a low pain threshold. It is even possible to use a topical anaesthetic.


It is understood that the sound waves used through this type of treatment cause movement in the collagen and elastin cells deep within the skin.  This movement encourages cells to come out of a dormant state and regenerate themselves. The more collagen and elastin present within the skin, the tighter and younger it looks. It does take some time for the cells to start regenerating however, which is why the full results of this therapy tend to take between 3 and 6 months to become completely visible.


A treatment session usually takes around one hour. Before it starts, ultrasound imaging is used to assess the tissue of the skin. This enables the specialist to target the energy to specific areas of the skin, thereby leading to the best possible results. Thankfully, only a single session is needed comma although people may want to repeat it after several years. Indeed, Ulthera  lasts much longer than other skin rejuvenation treatments, including botox.


The treatment is suitable to anybody who is starting to notice the effects of aging. As collagen and elastin production drops, the skin on the neck, brow area, and chin start to sag.  That is the point at which this type of treatment may become necessary. Skin laxity is different depending on age. Hence, how the treatment will be delivered and to which areas will vary depending on someone’s age. That said,  some people are now having Ulthera  as a preventative  treatment, just as they do with botox. By a dressing potential problem areas before they become a problem comma the passage of time seems to be slowed down.


After an hour of treatment, patients can simply return home. In some cases some redness, tingling, Tenderness, and swelling may occur. This is only mild however, and usually takes just a few days to resolve itself. The cost of the treatment mean well, varies depending on the specialist somebody goes to, how large the area is that requires treatment, and the extent of laxity of the skin. Costs should be discussed during an initial consultation, which should be completely free and no obligation, enabling you to compare different specialists as well.

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