Anyone who wants to become a teacher also wants to be the best at what they do. The teaching profession is one of passion, as it involves shaping the future generation. Hence, it is perhaps even more important for these professionals to be the best at what they are. Dayanna Volitich has come up with a number of important tips for those who want to improve their teaching methods.

Dayanna Volitich Teaches People to Teach

It is important to understand that nobody is perfect. It is impossible to be a teacher that pleases everybody. If there are 30 students in a classroom, it will be impossible for all of them to agree on everything and to like everything else is being done. However, it is possible to become the best teacher for those 30 students, which starts by listening to them and allowing them to teach you. Top tips include:


  1.   Good teachers are assertive. Students can be depressed, stressed, have bad days, or problems. This does not mean the teacher should start arguing with them and calling them lazy. Instead, they should be supportive and understanding, taking them apart to find out what is going on and how does can be improved.
  2.  Teachers should be their students’ friends but they should not take this too far. There has to be a clear line between who is the teacher and who is the pupil, and this means the teacher must at all times remain professional. Instead, it is about being there for the students and listening to them, while treating them as equal and give them respect. However, teachers should not start using slang words or behave as though there are two student.
  3.  A good teacher will make the subject of their lessons relevant to the daily lives of their pupils. It is about connecting to what goes on in the world of the student, thereby making the subject far more interesting. This is possible with any subject. For instance, you can help your students calculate how much they need to earn to be able to go on as many vacations every year as what they do now. This would be an excellent math lesson as well as being interesting and relevant.
  4.  A good teacher does not keep delving into their own personal lives. They must remember that the students are there to learn about a specific subject and why it is at times useful to explain the subject by drawing on personal experiences, it should not become a monologue about your own life.
  5.  Teachers should explain, explain again, and explain once more if needed. Some children simply find it more difficult to understand certain things, often because so many different scenarios come up in their own heads. As a teacher, you should be grateful of the fact that the students still ask questions, even if the same question is asked 1,000 times.

Being a teacher is hard work and rewarding work. It is not a stagnant job either as no two days will ever be the same. This also means that what worked today may not work tomorrow, so teachers must at all times be adaptable.

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