When there is a divorce, the two people who promised a lifelong Bond find themselves thrown headlong into a tempest. There’s confusion, frustration, and even feelings of abandonment that are usually present in both parties. When there are children involved in the divorce, things get even more complicated because they are innocent and typically don’t understand what’s happening. And when children are involved in addition to the attorneys for both sides, family court gets involved to oversee their well-being.


The focus in a child custody case must be the well-being of the children and both sides must appreciate what they are going through. In the end these cases are very complicated for a number of reasons.


Life Changing Decisions Must be Made

The consequences in a child custody case are extremely high with lots of tension for all of the parties involved. The court must decide to whom to entrust the children until they reach legal age. When the family is together with a mother and father in the home, more than likely the children have a stable life. If the parents are fighting all the time, the home goes through a time where the children experience much instability and uncertainty. If the couple divorces, it creates a complete disruption for the children.


The most likely scenario is that the child will live with the mother and the father will have some visitation rights. However it could be an option where depending upon the capabilities of the parents that the children end up with a relative or in a situation where they are moved around regularly.


The family court must take into account the needs of the kids both short-term and long-term. There first choice is always for making sure that both parents have a fair amount of access to the children. This approach is taken when both parents are stable and capable.


When this is not the case and only one parent is stable, the court will lean towards full custody for that parent with potentially limited visitation rights for the other parent. Again the children are put in a tough situation. But these life changing decisions are part of a child custody case.


Lots of Emotions Are Present

Divorces are always emotional events. The long-drawn-out nature of them will take both parties the range of emotions from humiliation, to anger, to even depression. Part of this is because a union that was promised by both parties to last a lifetime is coming to an end. The other reason is that the family unit is being broken up.


The children who had nothing to do with the divorce are being thrown into a very tough situation. In many cases they are asked to choose between parents, and there’s likely a lot of manipulation going on by both parents to win the favor of the children. Throughout the process there will be many emotional days and some that question whether everyone can make it through this process. This is where having a reputable and skilled attorney like David Turlington who has a North Carolina law office that handle child custody cases. Banda stand the emotion connected to divorces and how to gently yet forcefully move both parties through the process in a way that it focuses on the interest of the children.


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