Baystate Wildlife of Massachusetts is a great animal control agency that can deal with any animal problem or infestation. They offer great customer service and will provide a rapid response to your enquiry. You will see from their positive reviews and ratings that they receive five stars for their service provided by knowledgeable and friendly staff.


There are over 60 native mammals to Massachusetts and many more that have come to live there over the years. There are those that live in the woods, those who prefer to habit the grasslands, and then there are those that prefer the wetlands or the rivers ponds and lakes.


The animals that live in the woodlands can also cause problems for humans especially if they decide that they might like to move to care for their young or if someone damages their habitat. The woodlands of Massachusetts made up of coniferous and deciduous trees are home to a number of mammals including red and flying squirrels, hares, opossums, chipmunks, mice, red and gray foxes, bats live in the deciduous areas. A lot of these animals can end up infesting and inhabiting homes, especially those near woodland areas. However, this is no problem for Baystate Wildlife who will have a humane solution to any problem that you may have.


There are many fields, meadows and a fair amount of farmland in Massachusetts and again these areas are habited by a lot of different wildlife. The animals include skunks, moles, cottontail rabbits, woodchucks and voles. When any animal feels threatened in its natural habitat it will head for somewhere that looks warm and cosy and safe especially for their young. These mammals will happily walk into the garden of a home that has a lovely bit of grass, even better if it is overgrown and near to their usual home. Then they can easily find a way into your property or even multiply on your lawn and surrounding area. However, do not worry, as if you have a group of animals causing havoc then just give Baystate Wildlife a call. Their excellent friendly team will be out to help you in no time.


Another favoured habitat of mammals in Massachusetts is rivers ponds and lakes, in these you will find otters, weasels, beavers and minks to name but a few. These mammals can cause problems to your property, beavers who as we know love to build damns can destroy your trees for damns and dens. They have even been known to destroy homes and garages. They also carry parasites and diseases that can be life threatening.


An otter infestation will likely do widespread damage to your insulation, plumbing and electrical wiring. They will also bring a nasty scent with them. All of these instances and occurrences are very unnerving and unsettling in your home. You will want the matter dealt with efficiently, professionally by someone who is aware of how you must be feeling and is sensitive to this. A company that offers great skilled workers and excellent customer service all at a good price and knows how to deal with any animal. That is why you should call Baystate Wildlife today!












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