More and more people look towards natural products to help improve the health of their pets. Just as with the human health market, CBD oil seems to have made an impact on the pet market as well. CBD, cannabidiol, is derived from the hemp plant, just like THC. However, it does not create a feeling of being “high”. Rather, it has strong medicinal properties that can benefit not just humans, but also dogs, cats, and a variety of other animals. That being said, you may have some questions about CBD oil for pets. This article aims to answer some of those.


Is CBD Oil for Pets Legal?


This is one of the main questions people ask. Because marijuana dispensaries have only been legal for a short period of time, a lot of people worry that buying CBD oil for pets isn’t legal. In reality, however, it is completely legal. It is also for that reason that there is such a booming industry in CBD products, which include not just oils but also treats and more.


Is CBD Oil for Pets Safe?


This is another very important question. After all, only the best will do for your four legged friend. You will be happy to know that the product is classified as safe. However, the reality is also that the American Veterinary Medical Association has not yet officially declared whether or not they recommend medicinal marijuana for pets. However, CBD oil is not medicinal marijuana, it is only a derivative of marijuana. Because medicinal marijuana leaves you feeling high, there is an ethical problem with giving it to pets. CBD oil is made solely of cannabinoids, however, which then bind with the endocannabinoid system in the body.


It is important, however, that you understand the dosage properly because dogs of different sizes will need different amounts of oil in order for it to be effective. That is also a good way to recognize whether the company you are buying from is operating properly or just hopes to make a quick buck. If they say that the oil is perfect at the same dosage for a chihuahua as what it is for a Great Dane, then you are with the wrong company.


Different Types of CBD Oil


Last but not least, it is important to understand that there are two different types of CBD oil and they each have their own unique pros and cons. As such:


  1. CBD Isolate is pure CBD. No other trace elements or active compounds have been included.
  2. Full spectrum CBD oil, which also contains other active compounds. Typically, you will find other cannabinoids such as CBCVA, CBL, and CBN included in this as well.


Both options, as stated, have their pros and cons. Generally speaking, however, choosing between the two is down to personal preference. Do make sure that you find out what your dog prefers as well, which often means you need to simply try both for a while.

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