When it’s time to mark an occasion with a special gift, it’s important to buy something which proves just how much you value your other half. Romance can’t be bought, but the effort required to buy something nice for your partner is a great indication of how much you care about them.


Selecting an appropriate gift for a loved one is no easy feat, whether you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion. Thought and consideration is definitely required, and though practical gifts are definitely useful, they aren’t exactly romantic.


A romantic gift can only be bought by someone who’s intimate with the person receiving the gift, not something that a friend would buy. It should be reflective of the receiver’s aspirations and personal interests, and to provide you with inspiration, this article has compiled some fantastic gifts to help you on route to finding the perfect gift. If you intend to buy something a bit racy, remember the audience that will be present when she opens it!


Afterglow Natural Massage Oil Candle

Nothing says romance more than an intimate candlelit bath together. Oil candles are perfect for setting the mood, and this Afterglow special is no exception. Perfect for eliminating distractions, and creating a relaxing environment, the Afterglow Natural Massage Oil Candle is scented with pink orchid, and melts into a mixture of vitamin E, jojoba, and aloe vera for the perfect massage oil. This candle is a great example of how small gifts can be meaningful, so purchase one for $29.95 it you feel it’s appropriate.

Personalized Name Necklace

Nothing says romance more than a personalized gift, and women love jewelry. On websites like soufeel.com, you can buy a personalized Name necklace that oozes class. You can customize the necklace online, with various patterns and designs to choose from, and providing your partner likes jewelry, the necklace is a treat she’ll really love. Be sure to shop around and find one that’s suitable, and cherish the moment when she unveils this gem. This is arguably the best option on the list, so be certain to visit websites like www.soufeel.com today.


Unbound “Sex with Emily” Subscription Box

Subscription services experienced a meteoric rise this year, and are a staple of consumerism going forward. To fit this trend, the ‘Sex with Emily’ subscription box is a romantic service released off the back of a successful podcast with Dr. Emily Morse, a real certified Doctor. For your troubles, your partner will receive a romantic gift each month, including items like breath mints, waterproof vibrators, lube, and secret sex notes. This is a great gift because it guarantees a surprise gift each month, and will help you rekindle a romantic flame which may have temporarily been extinguished. You’ll also benefit from this gift, which comes packaged in a black box, and can be found for $95.00 at Unbound.com.


Love Poems By Pablo Neruda

Poetry isn’t just for intellectual people. It can be enjoyed by people from all walks of life, and what’s more romantic than reading poetry to a loved one? With these fantastic Love Poems by Pablo Neruda, you can exemplify the beauty of life, and make those extra steps to prove just how much you love your other half. The poems delve into the beauty of life, are elegantly erotic, and represent the universal language of love. Though you might be skeptical when it comes to poetry, you’ll be surprised just how much she’ll appreciate this exotic gift, which dives into the experiences of renowned Colombian poet Pablo Neruda, and costs just $15.62 on Amazon.


Dear Bowie Blush Silk Slip

Silk is a luxury, so any silk clothing garment is going to be highly valued and appreciated. This sexy, feather-light Drew Blush dress is extremely comfortable, and comes fitted with adjustable straps, slits on either side, and a plunging backline. The garment has additional benefits, since you’ll be ecstatic to see her wearing this little number in the bedroom! Perfect for an intimate night in, the Silk Slip suits a slender figure, and can even be worn out over the top of a t-shirt and jeans. This present has a wow factor that will please the misses, and retails for $150.00 at DearBowie.com.


Thank you for reading this article. I hope we have brought your attention to fantastic presents which I’m certain will go down a treat. If not, hopefully we’ve at least given you ideas you can run with. If you have any other ideas for fantastic gifts that we’ve missed out, or would simply like to become part of the conversation, please comment below and kick-start the discussion.


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