Botox injections in Newport Beach are designed to help your facial muscles relax. This leaves the skin looking smoother, free from lines and wrinkles. Usually, this last for between three and six months, after which the Botox wears off. The product works best on wrinkles on the forehead, frown lines, and crow’s feet, which are all caused by contracting facial muscles. The procedure is now very common and safe, so long as it is completed by a registered professional. So how do you find one?

10 Top Tips

  1. You should only have a qualified practitioner complete the Botox injections. This can be a nurse or a physician.
  2. The practitioner should be properly regulated, which is listed through Dentox in this country.
  3. Make sure your practitioner has all the relevant insurance, and particularly medical indemnity. This guarantees that you are protected should something goes wrong.
  4. There has been quite a large growth in the types of establishments where you can go, including department stores, hairdressers, and salons. The vast majority of these places operate according to the right standards. However, some do not. Hence, if the premise is not mainstream, such as Botox parties or Botox at home, you should go elsewhere.
  5. Make sure that the service is offered regularly, particularly if you don’t go to a medical clinical. For instance, if you go to a salon, make sure they do it on the same day every week, and have been doing that for some time.
  6. Try to find a practitioner that focuses solely on facial procedures such as Botox and dermal fillers.
  7. See if the clinic has started to branch out into other parts of the city, county, state, or even country. If a certain clinic is found in lots of different locations, it is likely that they are well-respected and deliver quality work.
  8. Take advantage of the free consultation that the clinic should offer you. You should not be pressured to decide on the spot, but you should be able to have your Botox treatment right there and then should you so choose.
  9. Only visit clinics that have a follow up service. This is particularly important if it is your first time, to check whether it has been administered properly and no areas were missed.
  10. You can expect to pay by the unit for your Botox, although some clinics now charge by the area instead.

A final word of warning: should you come across a clinic that looks good on the surface and that even has many positive reviews, but the treatment they offer is ridiculously cheap, you need to avoid it. There have been some reports of ‘fake Botox’ (unregulated versions), or of doses that have been diluted too much. The average cost of a single vial is $400. Anything substantially lower than that should be avoided.

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